Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday Night Adventures

Because I fail at so much, including calendar reading. I showed up to last nights raid right on time at 7:00pm server time. There was only half a dozen people on. I then looked at the calendar and saw that this weeks raids were moved from 7:00 to 10:00.

Since I had already cleared the time with the wife/house/boy as play time, I hopped back onto my warrior. Just short of 2 hours later DING!

Things I learned on the short trip from 78 to 80:

1.) Tanking is fun again.
2.) People REALLY hate Halls of Stone/Lightning and you can only get a group by begging guildies
3.) Despite the fact that it says you can do ToC Regular at 78. YOU CAN NOT TANK IT at 78, 79, or possibly for a good while after you turn 80.

I had 23k health buffed, and the faction champions cut through me like butter. Now mind you I am still 90 def points below the def cap, so I expected to get hit hard. but OMG. I will beg some guildies this evening to spam run ToC Regulae tonight as DPS and hope I can gear up quickly enough to maybe OT Naxx on Sunday.

If anybody has recommendations on how to quickly gear a tank I would love some advice.

p.s. Working on a How to Heal: ToC 25, 25 heroic. Hope to have it up this weekend. Also putting the finishing touches on leveling from 40-70.

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