Monday, November 9, 2009

My request for Cataclysm Changes.

So far I only have one request for a Cataclysm change. Make Karzhan a 5 man leveling instance. Remove some of the trash, drop them down to the 68-72 range, and have the bosses drop blues for leveling from Outland through Northrend. I spent a lot of time in Karazhan during the Burning Crusade. I tanked it for my guild in the early days of the Burning Crusade, although we never cleared it. I then moved into Ex Obscurum and began running it every week as a hunter, while we regeared the guild for our run up to Illidan. While I did raid in classic it was pretty sporadic as my former guild could not muster the required 40 raiders. Kara is the place I learned not to stand in the fire, how to face pull, lulz and all the great time I had making friends in OxOb. I hate to think of that sprawling castle just gathering dust the bosses wondering when someone will come to visit.

So make the trash packs non-elite, lessen them so the time between bosses in only 5 or so minutes and let us all run Kara with the goblins, worgen and every new toon we re-roll.


  1. Sorry, back to work today after a bout with H1N1. I guess I should not have made all those jokes about how dumb this flu was. Instant Karma got me.