Monday, December 6, 2010


Last night while struggling against great adversity the Natural Order alt run finally downed Arthas. The great adversity consisted of my wife wanting me to, in her words "QUIT PLAYING THAT STUPID GAME, COME HAVE DINNER AND DECORATE THE CHRISTMAS TREE!"

Our raid started right on time, 6:15 pacific. We started the first attempt at about 6:20. I am confident we would have 1-shot Arthas if it were not for something I did. We mastered phase 1 and 2 in the last few weeks, the phase transition into 3 was giving us trouble last week, this week we walked right through it.

Arthas was at 18% health, all 10 of us were up and it was looking like a 1-shot kill. I quickly yelled through the house to my son "Aristotle! We are killing the Lich King!", as soon as the words were out of my mouth, our tank somehow was one-shot. (We think whoever was sucked into frostmourne missed and Arthas enraged) DPS started dying to infest and it pretty much fell apart.

I jinxed us.

We went it for attempt two, Natural Orders alt team looked like pro sponsored raiders and killed the Lich King, without loosing a single DPS, stepping in a defile, loosing to an infest. It was basically a text book kill...

and I forgot to start FRAPS.

One consolation is this wicked-awesome screen shot.

So finally after almost two years I have seen the defeat of the Lich King and I can move on to Cataclysm tonight with a light heart and a massive sense of accomplishment.

I'll be heading to Gamestop tonight about 10:30 to grab my collectors edition and I am off tomorrow. I'll be posting screen shots and impressions as I start to level tonight.

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  1. Massive grats, I can testify to how hard the LK fight is even on 10 man normal.