Monday, September 20, 2010

Back into ICC...One more time

Natural Order runs a few different raids per week. We have a 10 man who has already killed the Lich King. Another 10 man that is currently on the Lich King, and a 25 man progression that will be on our 3rd raid extension working on a Lich King kill. (To be fair we only raid about 2 hours per week per raid group, so we have just under 4 hours into the LK fight)

This weekend we started a alt run 10 man group. Well Skraps has now gone into ICC as a healer once more. Strangely I find raid healing much less stressful than DPS. I know that is usually the opposite reaction most people have, but when DPS'ing I find myself constantly trying to make sure I am doing the most DPS possible, while trying not to do something stupid like stand in a defile.

I think my job as a healer can be distilled to a few simple things.

1.) Don't let people die.
2.) Don't die.
3.) Cleanse when something needs to be cleansed.

I know this is an over simplification of a healers job, but I only have to react to situations and I find that calming. When DPS'ing I have to make sure my debuffs are up, I am maximizing my DPS, de-curisng, slowing, and watching fro procs.

Oh and I finally got my super awesome T10 Resto Shaman shoulders. I broke my 4 piece T9, because I didn't thing the extra 5% crit on chain heal was really worth the extra stats from the T10.

And I get FRIKEN antelope jumping out of my shoulders! I think my next piece will have to be the helm to complete the awesome forest animal look of the T10.

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