Friday, August 6, 2010

Back into ICC

This isn't me, just more mocking thereof
So Natural Order's 10 man team have successfully beaten the Lich King, and Ruby Sanctum. I am on the 2nd 10 man team and we are a bit behind that but not to terribly far behind that, im confident we will see the Lich Kind defeated and some of the hard modes down as well. We are also now hitting ICC 25 every week or so with full guild runs. We are 9/12 complete in ICC. Last night we spent a great night wiping on Putricide after clearing the Blood Wing Tuesday. We had a number of great attempts and have gotten him into phase 3 a few times, but just can't quite seal the deal. I suspect we will get him next time, we were so close this week.

Now here is what I am really here to talk about. Nibelung. It has eluded me since the opening of ICC. Every person in NO that can wield a staff has one, and they take it out on AOE intensive fights and there is 100 Valkyr flying around the raid mocking me. I understand that staff isnt exactly BiS for a mage, but the proc is so pretty I feel like I am reverting to my 6 year old self. Ever week when we get to Lady Deathwhisper I scream "I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I NEED IT!" Alas she never drops it when I am around. If for some reason I miss the first part of the raid, RNG be damned, she drops 2 of them. It is getting to the point that hunters and warriors are getting them just to mock me.

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